Senior Citizen Discounts 2022-2023 

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Here is a list of national food chains we know offer discounts to senior citizens.

Each franchise owner makes his/her own decisions regarding this, so your results may vary, but wherever you go to eat, always ask. Bon appetit

Applebee's gives a 10% discount (reduced from 15%)

to seniors age 60 and over who have the Applebee's Golden Apple Card.

Arby's gives 10% off for ages 55+.

Back Yard Burgers has a 10% senior discount for your order at participating locations, reasonably certain the age is 55 and over.

Burger King has a 10% discount for ages 60+, and additional discounts on coffee and soft drinks. 

Chili's is 10% off for ages 55+.

Denny's gives 10% off for age 55+.

They will make it 20% off if you are an AARP member.

Dunkin' Donuts does 10% off for ages 55+. Or a free donut (doughnut) when buying coffee.

IHOP is 10% off for ages 55+.

Jack in the Box has a 20% beverage discount for seniors age 55 and over. 

KFC will give you a free small drink with a meal if you are 55

Long John Silver's has various discounts for 55+.

McDonald' has discounts on coffee and soft drinks for the 55+ crowd.

Outback Steakhouse has a 15% senior discount.

Roy Rogers Restaurants gives a 10% discount for seniors.

Sonic gives a choice of free beverage or 10% off for folks 60 and older.

Subway is 10% off for ages 60+

Taco Bell is 10% off (up from the former 5%) plus free beverages. Age requirement is 65 and over. 

Wendy's is 10% off for ages 55+, though some give a free drink in place of the 10% discount.