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Attorney Thomas Bonte                    209-522-1850

1300 Tenth Street - Suite #F

Modesto, CA  95354                                                

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When a loved one dies, family alignments often go through a period of adjustment that can be traumatic.  It is as if the keystone of a delicate arch has been removed and the structure of the family readjusts.  This can be a painful and traumatic process and prior planning can assist in the preservation of family relationships and the avoidance of future legal problems.  

A trust or simple will designates a person of your choosing to be in charge of the estate with legal authority to make decisions in accordance with your expressed wishes.  An estate plan also gives you a peace of mind that you have legal instrument in place to help make sure your wishes are carried out.

I have been an attorney since 1985.  I grew up in Modesto returned here to practice law in 1991 and opened my own practice in 1994.  My current areas of practice include probate, some estate planning, and trusts and probate litigation including wills and trusts.
My Mission Statement, told to me by the late Modesto attorney Lewis Hawkins,
"It is a lawyer's job to help people solve their legal problems."

I would be pleased to discuss this with any interested person.  There is no charge for an initial consultation.  I am located in Modesto but I have handled California probate cases as far away as San Bernadino County.

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