About eChurchBook

eChurchBook helps Churches accomplish the goal of reaching people for God and of leading them to complete devotion to Him.

This is a simpler way to locate the Houses of God.

User-friendly and more informative for the tens of millions who search the internet.


We believe “Every Church that handles the Word of God is important.”

Every Bible-based Church in the United States of America should have,

at the very least, an economical online church web-presence.

eChurchBook is also here to help with tithing 

Many people now pay their bills online and would prefer to take care of their tithing the same way. "Online giving" allows donors to save their payment information—whether it’s a debit card, credit card, or bank account - and even set up recurring giving.  This can mean more consistent giving to your church.

Online giving also saves a significant amount of time for the Church staff.

Tithes and Offerings are key to keeping the Church functioning financially.  If you are not accepting online payments or paying too much for credit card processing or just have questions, click here or email michelle.mattice@pfprocessing.com


Fact: More than 17 million non-churchgoers visited the website of a local church or place of worship in the past 12 months (click here)

Fact: Many Church sites fail to easily provide the information these visitors are looking for (according to a nationwide research study by Phoenix-based Grey Matter Research). (see here)

Fact: The two indispensable items guests want on a Church website are the address and the times of service. It’s just that basic (see here)

It is 2022, a thought-out strategy is essential because a new generation of digital natives are growing up, where the new front door to the church is the website.  Today a Church must align its ministries to work together to achieve what God is calling His Church to do.


Properly employed, this technology can make members’ daily lives outside of the worship service richer with religious meaning.  It can function as a medium to carry one’s faithful living into everyday life – whether it’s sharing prayer requests, viewing a recent sermon, surfing thru religious websites, learning whether a church offers bus transportation, seeking a local youth ministry, or even actually participating in a “live” online worship services.

We are launching a simpler way to locate the Houses of God.

The path to worship has never been easier …

But still, we must prayerfully seek God's direction in choosing a local church to attend.

"Come Now, and let us reason together, saith The LORD ..." 

                                                                                 Isaiah 1:18